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Welcome To Swastika Classes

The most precious gift SWASTIKA CLASSES can give their child apart from their Love and TIME is TOP QUALITY EDUCATION , an opportunity to explore the GENIUS in them. For students appearing for ICSE, CBSE; Swastika Classes provides the MOST IDEAL coaching platform built on the Knowledge, Teaching Passion and Principles of the founder Genius Prof. M.K.SINGH ( 25 years); a legacy of passion for result oriented teaching. Built on the values, Teaching Passion and Principles of Prof M.K Singh; Swastika Classes is a Professionally Managed yet very Passionately driven coaching class for ICSE & CBSE Board Exams, as well as Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams like JEE Main & Advance , AIIMS .We very well realize that the RESULTS of these examinations for every Swastika Classes and students is not just career defining; what your SON or DAUGHTER becomes is highly dependent on these Results. Every student dreams and works very hard to score the highest possible in these examinations and Fulfill their Swastika Classes's dream. Success in these exams brings great Honour and sense of Fulfillment to Swastika Classess. Every Swastika Classess want to see their child SUCCESSFUL and we all know it all begins with these examinations. It's with these sensibilities and realization that we at Sinhals have designed our coaching for ICSE & CBSE Board Exams, as well as Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams like JEE Main & Advanced , AIIMS, NEET and IIT JEE(MAIN & Advance). Swastika Classes is the Best Institute for training students to “understand the concept's" instead of just "Mugging- UP". We help you Understand BETTER, Work HARDER and most importantly, Swastika Classes Helps and Guides you to Work SMARTER When you know that the scores in the Board & Entrance Exams are career defining ones for your child. Welcome to our Institute .

Why Swastika Classes

Swastika Classes is a tutorial , not a coaching institute which is running by a group of Ex-faculties of different reputed coaching institutes of Patna , Kota & Delhi.The reasons to join Swastika Classes are :
1) Teaching & training by 20-30 years experienced teachers.
2) A group of only 10 students.
3) Attention on each and every student.
4) Class notes .
5) Offline tests .
6) Guaranteed very high marks in examinations.
7) I.I.T. JEE &NEET study through learning tips and tricks .
8) No need to study a large number of books.
9) Affordable fee structure .
10) Concession in fees for economically Weaker students.

Manoj Kumar Singh

After Completing post graduate in chemistry i had joined a coaching institute providing medical entrance test preparation in 1992.After that I taught in various coaching institutes of Patna,Kota and Delhi.Now I am teaching and training in my self established tutorial Swastika Classes.Because of long Teaching Experience We can train average and below average student also.So hoping on us.

Mr.Prem Prakash Upadhyay

Deptt. Of Physics & Mathematics
Mr. Upadhyay has completed M.Sc. in Physics from Delhi university and afterwards he taught the students in various coaching institutes for XI-XII , I.I.T. J.E.E. and Medical entrance tests. He has 30 years teaching experience and ability to train even average and below average students.His special feature is that he can teach physics as well as Mathematics. We pray for his longer life and good health.